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Certification from the Best Bike Fitting Institute Can Be Life Changing

edward snowden

No matter how much one debates on the importance and necessity of bike fitting, there’s no denying that nothing can give more relaxation and comfort to the biker than a proper bike fit, without any accessories, seats, add-ons, nothing!

Bike Fit courses are a complex science of the fitting of a bicycle to the rider so that it matches and complements the flexibility, height and the riding style of the rider. With proper bike fit, the riding experience is enhanced and the feeling of discomfort, pain and uneasiness are curbed while riding. But just like every other science, one must be extremely knowledgeable and able in this job so that they can carry out the most comfortable and efficient bike for the rider, filled with benefits.

It is a complex task which requires thorough knowledge of biomechanics and the efficiency of energy. The intricacies of foot-to-pedal, body contact point interface are very important to understand as they lay the foundation for other similarly important things like body posture, body position, and the proper placement of the feet, pelvis and hands on the bike so as to attain maximum efficiency.

Through a proper bike fitters, one can understand and learn such intricacies efficiently. For learning proper bike fit and for bike fit certification there are some dedicated courses, degrees, and CPD (Continued Professional Development) and RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) methods available. With such courses, they train the fitters to be well-groomed professionals and masters in the complete art of bike fitting rather than a single specific bike fitting style.

These certifications are not only beneficial for the fitters but for the cyclists as well as through these courses, one can understand and recognise a bike fitter on the basis of skill, knowledge and expertise and get the most out of their bike fittings.

The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) is a global body where bike fitters can get internationally recognised accreditations. The institute is run and supported by some of the finest and skilled bike fitters who are helping many cyclists in honing the right skills of cycling. They are a non-profit organisation overseen by the greatest and top bike fitters of the world. Their main purpose is to help cyclists and bike fitters in identifying expertise and provide various levels of certification, credits and courses for the fitters to enhance their skills.

About International Bike Fitting Institute:

International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) is the leading bike fitting institute which creates standardised professionalism, skills, education, respect and credibility for the bike fitters and cyclists alike. Your search for “IBFI Certification Levels” must end at them.

For more information, please visit

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