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Joseph Lumpkin

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – JOSEPH LUMPKIN Joseph Lumpkin has written for various newspapers and is author of the books, The Twelve Tribes of Man, Dark Night of the Soul, The Warrior’s Heart Revealed, published by Fifth Estate book Publishers ( He received his Doctorate of Ministry from Battlefield Baptist Institute. In addition to his theological studies, Mr. Lumpkin is a distinguished martial artist and instructor. He is the founder of Shinsei Hapkido, a Christian martial arts system recognized as a kwan by the Korea Hapkido Federation. In addition to his Ninth Degree from the Korea Hapkido Federation, Joseph Lumpkin holds a Sixth Degree Black Belt in Hapkido and Second Degree Black Belts in Shotokan Karate, Kodokan Judo, and Akayama Ryu JuJitsu. He is currently the head of the worldwide Christian outreach, Karate for Christ. His organization has over 6000 members in 24 countries ( Joseph lives in Alabama with his wife, Lynn and his son, Breandan.

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The wrong reasons to be saved
Added 4/9/2004
It is not in seeking the rewards of heaven but in seeking the heart of Christ we find the answer. We must love without motive, and not let this aim itself become a motive.

Added 11/21/2003
To See HIM, To Know Him, and to still fail Him. If Peter failed Jesus, How can we succeed?

Added 11/21/2003
The true fight is inside ourselves. Pride in our own spiritual progress is but one foe.

The Love of God Through us
Added 11/21/2003
It is the Grace of God that brings love and charity into the human soul.

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