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John Conrod

Rev. John A. Conrod had served as a Seventh Day Baptist pastor in Denver Colorado, and Marlboro, New Jersey; Field Pastor for the Pacific Coast Association and Seventh Day Baptist Missionary to Malawi, Africa. These are in addition to earlier part-time and student pastoral work in Kansas City, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; Washington, D. C. and Salemville, Pennsylvania. John received a bachelor's degree from Seattle Pacific University in Washingtonand a master of divinity from Eastern Baptist Seminary in Philadelphia. In addition to pastoral work, he also worked as a corporation accountant. He was ordained by the Marlboro Seventh Day Baptist Church in New Jersey. He authored the very popular correspondence Bible study, Guide to Bible Understanding, and continues to serve the Seventh Day Baptist ministry in a very special way through service as editor of Fisherman's Net Publications. In Memory of the Cyber Scribe.

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The Passion of the Christ
Added 3/22/2004
Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" had been in theaters across the country and the events of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection have been very graphically portrayed to the public. Whether or not you decide to see the film yourself, it is a

Overcoming Uncertainty
Added 2/7/2004
Nicodemus must have been a highly regarded man but he was about to question many of the beliefs that he held as a Jewish leader.

Added 9/11/2002
Everyone has questions . . . people everywhere are wondering what is still ahead for us in the United States. I wonder if our future doesn't have something to do with the scripture I will quote!

Added 7/20/2002
Once upon a time the colors of the world started to quarrel. All claimed that they were the best. The most important. The most useful. The favorite.

Added 3/23/2002
What is it that makes Christ's death the supreme sacrifice above all other deaths? Many people were put to death by crucifixion so what is there about the crucifixion of Christ that makes it unique?

Added 2/17/2002
The original Passover celebrated the freedom of the Israelites from Egyptian bondage which took place over 3,000 years ago and told in the book of Exodus.

Added 12/29/2001
"I don't make New Year's Resolutions," the man exclaimed, "I just can't keep them, anyway." Let me tell you several reasons why I believe New Year's resolutions are worth making.

Chanukah, an eight night study
Added 12/6/2001
The SHAMASH is the servant candle that should be lit first. It is used to light all of the other candles. God has called the Messiah the Servant in Zechariah 3:8. Read the fullfillment of this passage of scripture where Messiah works as a servant.

Added 10/5/2001
You have probably read various accounts about people who had what has been described as near death experiences. They sometimes are called "out of body" experiences. Some have related floating above the hospital emergency room.

Added 9/10/2001
I had a hole in my heart. My doctor said it was "congenital" which he said meant I was born with it that way. He told me that was why I became tired so easily and could not do the things other children could do.

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1-10 of 11 articles

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