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Jim Keeling

Jim Keeling is currently the online missionary for the Allegre Missionary Baptist Church. Before becoming disabled in 1995 he traveled doing missionary and evangelist work around the world. Some if his exploits can be seen at the “I’m Heaven Bound’ web site as can his testimony. His singing album, “Riding for Jesus” and music has been played in many radio stations and he was featured on television for 6 weeks in the Philippines while doing a missionary work there. Jim can now be heard on 2 radio & internet stations. Check his site for details. Jim’s goal is reaching the world with Jesus, winning lost souls for the kingdom of heaven, and inspiring the saved with God’s Word.

1-10 of 260 articles

~ Life in a Drawer ~
Added 9/10/2012
I guess in the hum drum of life we seldom have the time to ponder over our lives and what will be left in our "life’s drawer", don’t we? How did we measure up? What will our family and friends remember about us? What was our purpose and did we accomplish

Father's Day Message
Added 6/17/2012
Well Glory! The church bells are ringing and telling us - it's time to worship Our Lord, and so I wish to WELCOME you this morning to the Reaching the World with Jesus radio program. Father's Day message is here in written form. (smile)

~Crutches On The Altar~
Added 5/26/2012
You know I have found that there are little daily lessons in almost everything we have happening to us or that we see around us or even read and such is the case here. (smile) I receive this touching story

Muslimsm Christians, and Americans
Added 4/29/2012
Our downfall will not come from without but from within. We as a supposedly godly nation have turned away from the One True and Living God who has blessed us. And in this respect the Muslims are as good an American as the atheist, the Satanist, or any of

Simlpy LOVE
Added 3/4/2012
We see it in the eyes and glowing faces of the parents of their new born child. We see the love of a child in their innocence and love for their parents or even a puppy they got as a gift. We see the love of the children as they sit beside their ageing p

The Letter from Hell
Added 2/19/2012
How often have we tried to tell a loved one or friend of the love of Jesus and His plan of salvation only to be turned away and criticized? How often have you prayed for a family member

Added 1/29/2012
Often it is a split second decision which alters the history of our entire life. You know? I believe the longest day for all the Heavenly host was the day in which Jesus was crucified… But Our Longest Day will be when

Pressing Towards the Mark
Added 1/15/2012
Paul expresses his earnest desire to be found in Christ; also his pressing on toward perfection; and recommends his own example to other believers. Can you honestly say that you are a true believer?

Promised Blessings
Added 1/8/2012
Today's psalm teaches us to comfort ourselves in the Lord, when difficulties and dangers are greatest. It is His Almighty Wisdom that contrives, and His Almighty Power that works the safety of those that place themselves under God's protective hand.

Celebrating the Birth of Jesus
Added 12/24/2011
I’m going to take a different approach to the birth of Our Lord today and one which most had never considered or even thought about. I know it will be most interesting if you will take a little

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1-10 of 260 articles

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