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Moyo-Angel Bamidele

Bamidele, Moyo-Angel, a statistican, chartered Economists and Manager by profession. He receive the call of God to take the light of God's Word and its demonstration (through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit) to every Individual and nations thereby propelling them into their God's given destiny. He's burden for the lost as taken him to the nations of this world preaching, teaching and demonsrating the reality of God's power that every lives might be touched saved, transformed and touched thereby becoming a world changer. He is given a mandate to build, raise, adjust, motivate and mentor the man that makes the ministry and to raise an intercessory worshippers. He organises programme around the world and higHly sought for to the glory of God. He is mentored by the ministry of Revd George Adegboye. He is called into a mobile ministry. He is the President & Ministerial Head of the Spokenword Ministries, Inc and the founder of Angel's Signature foundation. He resides in Nigeria.

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Seed-Faith Offering
Added 12/23/2010
One of the ways of getting our needs met spiritually, physically, financially... and in every area of our life is by Seed-faith offering. It answers to our needs; it became increasingly obvious that Seed-Faith is in fact Seed- Faith living to a constant

The Key of David
Added 8/29/2009
Understanding the concept of the key of DAVID WILL CHANGE YOUR PRAYER LIFE and bring you to the understanding of the authority you have to lock and to unlock in every situations of Life.

The Key of David
Added 8/29/2009
Understanding the concept of the key of DAVID WILL CHANGE YOUR PRAYER LIFE and bring you to the understanding of the authority you have to lock and to unlock in every situations of Life.

Handling the Past
Added 8/29/2009
One thing I want you all to believe and know is that we all have experiences at one time or the other either positive or negative, in knowing, past negative experiences brings about disappointment. Getting disappointment is not the problem, but handling

The Force of Change
Added 1/28/2009
Hooke's law state that the extension of an elastic material is directly proportionality to the applied force provided that the elastic limit, which can be mathematically represented as FE, then F=KE, where K is constant. An elastic material will rema

Is Not That Bad
Added 1/28/2009
Is not that bad! There is hope for you. Life might no come as plan; things might not go as design. There is hope for you, is not that bad. For he that is joined to all the living there is hope. To be hopeless means doomed to failure, desperate, unpromisi

Handling Disappointment Effectively
Added 1/28/2009
Amen! One of things that I and you are faced with each time is disappointment. If only we can be truthful, we will discover that, been disappointed as become a norm in the life of many Christians. We are disappointed in people, in places we go to, in ou

Be Encourage
Added 1/28/2009
Words are capable of motivating and transforming people and vie-versa. My desire is that your life and everything that concerns you might be transform through these words.

Lord, I have a question!
Added 1/28/2009
Listen! I have a question. It troubles me each time the questions comes up in my mind, but who will answer me? Please I have a question. And I really want to believe that my questions are directed to and can only be answer by ministers of the gospel

Who Is a Christian? Reviewed
Added 4/2/2008
Who is a Christian? Should a Christian be defined by its nature, character or conducts? Who is a Christian? Is a Christian also a believer? The Bible says even the Devil believe and he tremble.

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1-10 of 33 articles

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